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Russianbkk is pleased to connect you with the topmost European and Russian escorts in Bangkok

We are an agency of our word; we promise our clients real girls who have all the beauty. Our work is to say and do if you have not been to Thailand kindly book for that trip and immediately contact us for a companion. It is only in our agency you can find these goodies who know precisely what you require as a man. Our work is to make you enjoy your vacation to Thailand; it is easy and straightforward to book for that girl of your dream. All you need to do is make an appointment online, and our management will deal with the rest. We ensure that you meet with the girl of your desire, someone you match with, and someone who will make you feel welcome to Thailand and make you enjoy the stay.

If you have never been to Thailand and you are there just listening to those who have experienced the stay of Thailand, then you should know that you have not yet tasted what the world has in store for you. When choosing these call girls, we look at their physical appearance and their unique body figure to determine whether they are perfect for our clients. We want something special for you, not just any other girl. All European and Russian women are great but not as great as our own chosen escorts.

How we connect you with a European, Russian escort?

It is all about trust, our clients have trusted us so much such that they know that we are the best agency in the market at the moment and this will not stop. We are planning to make it more and more fun for you, we have already made it easy for you when it comes to booking for a call girl. All you need to do is visit that website of ours, and you will find galleries full of beautiful sexy ladies who will first make you wish that you are there with one of them. Make the booking by making a call to our welcoming and humble customer care personnel who will explain all to you and how you meet the girl that you have chosen.

What are our services?

What you expect is what we deliver, you might find that we even offer more than you think. Our services are unique from any other that is why we have been receiving more clients each day. We disappoint not even a single second you will ever hear any complaint from our clients. Travel to Thailand and taste our escorts from Euro/ Russia, make it a reality. You can be accompanied by your male friends who will also book for their companions, and all of you can spend your vacation together having fun. Make it a memorable year for yourself since you deserve to be happy, explore the world now and be pleased with our lovely escorts as your companion. The moment you lay your eyes on our escorts we are so sure no one will force you to come back to Thailand, it will be a routine for you.


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