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{Russian- Bangkok} Tall vs Short escort

Well, everyone has their own set of fetishes and you must have your own fetish as well. When it comes to foreign escorts in Bangkok, there’s a serious competition for some categories of girls. Some people prefer curvy escorts, some prefer chubby escorts and the list goes on and on. One of the main features of an escort is her height. The height of an escort plays a very impactful role for people. Let’s have a look at the different characteristics of both the tall escorts and short escorts.

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European and Russian Tall Escorts: Are you a tall guy yourself? Or are you just a guy looking for a taller escort to have some fun? Well, tall escorts are very attractive with their long legs and you might enjoy the time with them very well if you’re into escorts with long legs. Tall guys are very good for hugging; you don’t have to bend down while kissing. If you’re a guy with a fetish for long legs, you shouldn’t hold yourself down, you must try out hiring a tall girl and see how it goes.  European and Russian Short Escorts: Do you like escort girls who’re short and cute? Well, short escorts are usually the prettiest girls, but not in every case though. Short escorts can give you the fell of dominance, especially if you’re a muscular guy. Short girls are flexible because they can appear taller if needed by wearing heels. Short girls are a better choice for you if you want to try out variety in your intimate experiences. In the end, both categories have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s all about what you like the most and goes for it. Maybe spending time with both the tall and short escorts can give you more insight on what you enjoy the most.

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