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Not all Russian Escorts Drink! "Bangkok"

When you are in a place like Bangkok, it is obvious that you will enjoy the brilliant nightlife of the place. So, your colorful nightlife begins here with the bars and escorts. You will find several western escort agencies here to pick up your desired girl. This girl can accompany you in your hotel room, your home, bar or restaurants. Most of the girls from these agencies are ready to do anything for their clients and can drink too. Especially if you are paying for a boy escort, it is obvious that he will accompany you to a bar and serve you the drink glasses. But if you are dating or hiring a Russian girl, ask them if she is comfortable with drinks or not. There are actually very few escorts who don’t drink. Most of the Russian escorts drink as per her/his client request to start their sexual intimacy. This specific pattern is common for most of the escorts; they do it just to make their clients happy. Some of them become addicted to drinks later. Most of the sophisticated escorts like the red wine but some prefers to have some hard drinks like vodka or beer too. There are many clients who offer wine or other drinks to escort; it is just to create the mood. There is a popular thought among the men that the women look more attractive and beautiful after drinking, so they request the girls to have some drinks.

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How to approach an escort girl for a drink: You have hired an escort, paid for her, that does not mean she will drink with you. Because there are some escorts girls who don’t have the drinking habit. There are some good ways to convince your escort partner to drink if she is not comfortable with it: • You have to keep your pitch ready to make your drink. Don’t ask her to drink initially just after her arrival. Escorts are not like the usual call girls, they are expensive, sophisticated and maintain a class. So, start by praising her beauty that how beautiful she is, praise her dress, her looks and then tell her how beautiful she will look after having a glass of wine. Your convincing power, your charm, and your approach can make her drink even if she is not comfortable with drinks. But don’t force her to drink. • If the escort is ready to drink and she is habituated with the drinking habit, ask her for her favorite drink. If you are in a hotel, it is quite easy to get her favorite drink. • You can take your gigolo or your escort girl with you in the bar to drink or may have a romantic dinner with them before proceeding to make love. Buy some drink for your girl as per her choice. • Don’t make her drink too much. An escort can drink as much as she like but it can spoil the mood of the clients actually if the escort drinks too much and loose her self-controlling power.


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