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Indian Guy Shares His Experience Of Booking Escorts In Pattaya

The Pattaya Trip in Durgapuja Is-Ought to Produce the Sweetest Experience When You Have the Russian Girls from or with you!

I am sharing my personal story with you. Being a Bengali Durgapuja means a lot to me and my family, but the last Puja I thought of enjoying these holidays in a different way. For Bengalis in India, especially Kolkata, Durga Puja means hopping from one Puja pandle to another, but the last Puja I decided that why not go to Thailand and have some excellent experience with the beautiful Russian escorts out there in Pattaya!

After deciding this I booked my flight tickets and also started looking for a reliable escort agency in Pattaya. I was lucky enough to get who promised me to give the best possible escort experience while I am in Pattaya during the Durgapuja holidays. They explained to me certain rules that they follow and what they expect from me. The rest of the experience I had was after landing in Bangkok and believe me, it was one of the sweetest experiences I have to date, maybe sweeter than rosellas!

Best escort in my hotel room in Pattaya- She was Russian

My date was mind-blowing

After I reached my hotel I gain contacted to inform them about my whereabouts. I had already chosen a Russian escort from their premier list of escorts in Pattaya. The date and time were fixed and she was supposed to meet me in my hotel room right during the evening. At the right time, I had a guest and when I opened the door there was a gorgeous and stunning lady standing there! I could not believe that she was my date for the evening and she will make me feel like what is heaven! She was tall, had curves and toned legs. Her skin was very smooth and she was looking like an angel had landed in front of me. I was mesmerized and then she spoke politely and I felt that it was the sweetest thing I had ever heard. She came in and started talking with me. Gradually she made me believe that she was one of us and I can touch her, feel her and make love with her.

Another experience that is impossible to express

Sometimes words are not enough to express how you feel and my experience with this escort from and was the same. I felt that these words sexy, sensual, exotic and very simple in front of the experience I had with her. She was an expert and although I was a bit hesitant while making sexual moves she made me totally comfortable. I loved teasing her and getting teased by her. Touching and biting her nipples gave me so adrenal rush that I couldn’t suppress my happiness. She knew how to arouse me and then make me wait for the extreme moment. Everything seemed so perfect that I was thinking that it was a dream But, it was not a dream! It was the reality and after it was over I was still engrossed in the feelings. She left my room leaving behind a lot of exciting memories I will treasure forever. - Can book escorts in Pattaya here also

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