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My experience of traveling to Thailand

It was long that I have been thinking about how could I go there, actually I'm a single guy and there was no partner with me.

Thailand travel- escort service

As you bachelor boys know, it's not that much fun being alone while on holiday and especially if you're going to the land of the smile!

it sounds cheesy, I was one of the single guys, shy to talk to the girls in the street, oh god please find the beautiful one for me while I'm on holiday.

The solution!? yeah, guys let's go to Thailand.

Well actually, most guys before they go to Thailand they think it is the honeymoon, Once arrived everything you had in mind before gonna change!

Thai people are Family oriented. so, unlike what I was thinking, it's hard to find love there. Unless you are one of those family guys.

For me, the Future was becoming a Playboy. Well sorry, I didn't mention, I am a short height 155mm, bonehead, but I'm not fit! What are my options?

Well let's surf the internet, I may find something.

I started typing "girls in Thailand", came up with lots of nonsense results.

Then I say ok boy let's search for "call girls in Bangkok". Wella, some agencies showed up, let's call one of them.

Hello, my name is Ansar.

a lady with a very hard accent to understand picked up the phone. It seems like I woke her up. I don't get what she says, after a few minutes of talks I gave her room details.

Oh forgot to tell that, she sends me a picture of a girl. hot, tall and blonde actually.

I was walking on the moon, I just quickly went to take a shower. I usually don't use soap often "not that good for nature". But finished the soap in the hotel room. Perfume? Hell yes, I used a lot!

Here you go boy, I am finally ready for a date. Hey, wait did I forget something, I rushed to the pharmacy. Anything else? I told the desk, can I have some red wine in my home? Of course sir, we have the best 1969 wine. Yeah, go on, Give me one of that!

I felt the luckiest man in the world, 5-star hotel, perfect double bedroom, me and myself fully groomed. So let's go for some boom boom.

Knock knock, who is there? The voice sounded like a boy! I said ok, he could be the hotel staff bringing wine. Well, I opened the door but seen the unexpected scene; an ugly, old smelly girl.

Hello madam, did you bring my wine? No, "very deep voice". I come from the agency.

"But I don't know you, the photos they send didn't look like you, could have been a mistake. Could you please go and tell the agency that I asked for a tall white girl, she actually looked in her 20th!" I said sadly.

She said: "I don't care, and if I go empty-handed they get angry, and also please, I am single with 3 children. , if I lose my job, who gonna provide for them."

At first, I wanted to send her back, then I felt bad for her. oh, no problem, let's keep her, I won't die. it's only sex!

Let me short the story, she drank all the wine, refuse to take a shower!

She started shouting at me. She was an attitude girl.

If she was young I wouldn't mind. She was an old smell ugly girl. Not even a Russian nationality!

Without doing anything, I paid full money and let her leave. Called the escort agency in Bangkok; "Hello", well she hangs up the phone. Then I realized I been totally scammed.

Next day

Russian escort in Thailand -2020 -Bangkok -Phuket and Pattaya

Let's surf the internet again for Russian escort this time, lucky today!

Let's search for "Russian escorts Bangkok".

Wella, here you go. found one:

The Russian escort agency with such nice reviews. it called, let's give them a try! I thought to myself!

A guy picked up the phone, he was so polite and trustworthy. his English was good as a mother tongue.

ok, I booked one from him all over again. let's buy some wine, still have the condoms that left from yesterday without being used. I am fully ready to date.

but hey guys, unlike the last website, the girl was beautiful as pie, sweet as candy, sound as if was talking to Tailor Swift or someone in that class.

Please come in, some wine? "just one glass, please.", she said.

Wanna take a shower?

- how about you take shower bad boy, I have token shower before coming here!

Well, she smelled like rose flowers!

I was shy at first, it didn't take long till she breaks the ice.

she was a hot Russian chick I never have seen before, so friendly and polite that I nearly fell in love with it.

I just reached my mobile and call the escort service agency. "hey thanks girl is here. wow, she is so sweet, I just wanted to thank you. any chance I extend my booking to overnight instead of 2 hrs etc."

the night went on and I couldn't get enough of her, we went out together, stayed in bed and did all the activities that you can imagine.

Next day planning for Pattaya

I always heard that there are lots of hot Russian chicks around walking street in bars and clubs but are they? let's go and find out.

cut the story short that night just wasted hell of money on cocktease girls, scammer bar girls, one-shot hidden costs girls and the list goes on.

I drank so much that just let's hit the hay.

The next day woke up in my hotel room in Pattaya, couldn't remember much of last night, but defendant there was only one thing in my mind, let's call that Russian escort agent in Bangkok and see if they can send me some girl to Pattaya!

the same guy picked up, with the same nice voice and friendly tune: "how can I help you today Sir, hope all is going well!?"

Do you have any hot Russian girls in Pattaya, I asked

he introduced one of the best Russian escort agents

I wanted to book a girl for the long term but had only 2 hrs and needed to go to the airport. they send me a hot busty Russian escort, she was a brilliant Brunette girl.

Next year holiday to Thailand

Next holiday let's travel to Bangkok and Pattaya again and try these two Russian escort agents I met before! couldn't remember their website name, already one year past and couldn't remember what name I saved on my phone.

but here you go, again I searched for "Pattaya Russian escort", and found and I searched for "Bangkok Russian escort", and found ,

Called them up, hey guys I am back, can you make my holiday? he replied; leave the escort service to us. you just plan your trip. they same me Linda in Bangkok and Anna in Pattaya. glad I did that.

let me say now I and Anna have two beautiful children, Anna is a real mother now. It couldn't be better! actually, I am happy that I didn't marry my cousin back home, that crazy nonreliable girl.

That was my story, make your story next holiday!

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