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How To Become Regular Client And Always Ask For The Same European or Russian Escort?

Respect and good behavior are what everyone expects from everyone, even in the professional world. Now in the escort industry, the same rule is applicable to everyone. If you’re satisfied with the service of an escort then be a gentleman and respect her. It’s not like getting laid, pays up and slams the door in her face. You won’t get any kind of satisfaction from the next time. Here some of the basic rules of approach towards an escort are given, which makes a good client for all time. Presuming you’re looking for female escort services the list is made. Take a thorough look at it and try to follow them so that you can get the best services from the same sexy escort every time.

Russian and European Escort- Client's Guide

1. Be punctual, polite and appreciative For an escort time is money, so they really cannot tolerate those who waste their time or barter with their wages. Man!! You’re asking her to get laid with you so please don’t be cheap to bargain. Most of the time people don’t respect the career choice of an escort. So before you go for an escort service get rid of all the negative judgement and try to have appreciative towards their service. 2. Be respectful towards her Never ever act like an arrogant fool. Just because you have hired her, does not make her sole responsible for your satisfaction. If you’re looking for a great experience, then treat her well and make her comfortable first. Many clients have said that simply good treatment towards an escort has helped them get highly satisfied sexual experience. If you are looking forward to become a regular customer of any specific escort this is very important. Otherwise you won’t be able to light the fire every time. If you’re looking for girlfriend like experience from your escort then you have to be a good boyfriend to her too. You first have to understand that mutual respect is the first level to be a regular customer of an escort. 3. Respect their profession You must be respectful to the soul of a woman beneath the body of an escort. You may be her regular customer but she’s got a life out of this world. She has her parents, relatives; even she may have her boyfriend or life-partner. So always show professional approach towards her and never ever ask about her personal life, she will lie on your face. It is also good not to approach her if you find her with some other guy or among people. Call her only when you need her. Otherwise they won’t encourage any time-wasting person. They like to keep their professional and personal space apart. To be a regular client you must respect that. 4. Be hygienic and careful If your mouth smells like a dead animal, then your girlfriend will also move away. This is a very important point about being a regular customer of an escort. Never ever show up like a shit. Generally, escorts are very strict about hygiene. They will make you take a bath and thorough cleaning before you even go near to them. Bodily hygiene is very important to enjoy sex. Make sure your breath is fresh and your body smells nice otherwise it will never help you raise the flag.


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