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Russian escort service for outcall in Bangkok

Russian escorts

DOs and DON’Ts before Hiring Submissive Escorts Every escort activity has its limit. This is also true on the part of every client as they spend time with submissive escorts and pay them but this doesn’t mean that they can already do anything they want. Yes, submissive escorts are offering extreme and rough activities to clients, but as human beings, clients should also know how to control themselves. Escorts have the responsibility to keep themselves safe. So, before you hire a submissive escort, get to know the rules and be clear about these DOs and DON’Ts:

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1- Know about the submissive escort you want on their website. View services offered. 2- Decide if you think you’ll be satisfied with the services. 3- Know if your fetishes are listed. 4- Pay before taking services. 5- Inform your escort about health issues if you have any. 6- Do safe sex. 7- Control yourself and don’t cross limits. 8- Keep your discipline. 9- Be respectful of your escort’s rules. 10- Follow escort’s instructions during a session. 11- Use safe words and stop when the escort gives a sign or says the words.

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1- Don’t drink or take drugs on or before a session. 2- Don’t do any illegal or unsafe things. 3- Don’t convince your submissive escort to do things that she’s not comfortable doing. 4- Don’t forget wearing condoms during sexual intercourse. Some escorts were doing unsafe sex if 5- you pay more money. Don’t risk short-term pleasure for long-term diseases. 6- Remember that you and your submissive escort have limits. They’re not punching bags.

7- Submissive escorts mostly enjoy things such as role play, fantasy, tie then tease, caning,

8- paddles and spanking. But treat them as ladies and never let them do things they don’t want.


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Ania- Russian escort service in Bangkok and Pattaya- Thailand

A smart, bold, and extrovert lady of 25 years from the Russian city of Moscow, myself Ania, working as a part time escort with Russian69 in Bangkok/Pattaya, at my leisure time, in between my usual schedule as a professional air hostess. A tall, blonde and hot girl, with mature taste and choices, I am the right companion to accompany you for the trip to Bangkok. My company will surely make the tour experience, all the more sizzling and memorable. Book Me!

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