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Basic Rules to follow if you are working as an Escort

Basic Rules to follow if you are working as an Escort

Businessmen want to travel with someone to accompany and pleasure them. Considering this career whether as full time or part time, long-term or short-term job, you should also consider these basic rules as your guidelines in earning in a safe way.

#1 Screen your Clients

You should screen them thoroughly and find out more about them.

  • Ask their and their contact number. If you are going to visit them, ask their landline number but if they don’t have any, don’t meet them. Take their mobile number for appointments so that you can contact each other in case anything has changed. Find out what they are after like fetishes and if it gets weird and uncomfortable; do not book.

#2 Travelling

  • Arrange your own passport. Arrive at the destination by yourself. Arrange for advance travelling back from client’s place. Do not accept pick up or drop off from client. Ask client to mention exact location where you’ll meet. Meet in a hotel room to settle the money part as fast as possible. Always meet in hotel rooms to settle the money part immediately. Drink with him in a bar if he wants to, as part of what he paid for. Insist on riding taxi if you’re going to another place instead of riding in his car.

#3 Arriving

  • Arrive 15mins early at your meeting place and scan the surroundings. Leave if it is too noisy. Make sure he is alone. Ask for money immediately.

#4 Getting Paid

  • Always go for upfront money in cash. If he does not pay right, leave and do not negotiate.

#5 Professionalism

  • Remember that you’re a professional escort, not a prostitute. Control your client. Do not speak ill and have respect but talk as if you are arousing him. Always use condoms.

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