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How to Land a Date in the Shortest Time Possible While on Thailand Holiday

In most cases, your trip to Thailand is but for a short time. Just like you, many other people fly to Thailand and expect to return to their home country in about a week, fortnight or month. This short window might just be enough to execute your holiday plans, but it just might never be enough to land yourself a date. 
Don’t get us wrong. You could be a very hot guy that girls drool over at first sight, or be so rich that girls want to mingle with you at all costs, or you could be very flirty and outward, so much so that you can easily strike communications with the opposite gender. These are all extreme examples of extreme cases. 
The reality is that even if you’ve got the whole money in the world, you may not be able to afford some time to chase women. Being a very hot guy doesn’t exactly mean you will be extremely lucky all the time. So, that begs the question, how do you land a date in the shortest time possible?
For hundreds of reasons, you want a date, and for hundreds of more reasons, you just may not be ready to go through the traditional, standard processes to get one. It consumes time, to say the least. But let’s say you wish to increase your chances to the highest maximum, here are some tips to consider:
Go Out and Visit Places
Surprisingly, a lot of people miss this simple thing and blame other things for their inability to land a date as soon as possible. If you wish to increase your chances of landing a date in the shortest time possible, then you must prepare to go out of your closet. Go out, meet new people, interact with them, flirt with them and exchange contacts with them. If you exchange contacts with 10 ladies a night, you have a higher chance of getting one of them compared to someone else in their closet not exchanging contacts at all. It is that simple. 
The decision to go out to meet girls will complement your nature-given advantages such as beauty, physique, demeanor, height and charm. All that will go to waste if you don’t make a move to go out and meet real people. 
We often advise people to appear and look their best if they ever visit popular places, especially if they intend to hit on girls. Indeed, girls are moved by what they hear, but they are moved first by what they see, smell and feel. If you appear unkempt, it would be easier for a camel to walk on a needle than for you to get a girl of your choice. No one likes dirt, foul smells, and an oddly-looking person, and the girl of your dream is not an exception to the general rule. 
If it means you get your hair done, please, get it done. There are a lot of barbers’ shops in Thailand, especially in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, and you can expect some outstanding services from them. They can give you a nice haircut and a beauty-revealing shave. Also, if you need your nails done, do it too. The neatness of your nails is very important. Make sure you shop for good and fitting clothes and don’t forget to get a body massage too. All these things together will help increase your chances of getting the girl of your dream in no time. It is not a guarantee, but your chances will be significantly higher. 

Use Escort Services by the websites that offer Ukrainian, European and Russian escorts in (Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket) Thailand

Sure, going out to meet people is a quick way to land yourself a date, but a quicker way to do the same is to use the services of escort ladies. There are a handful of Local, European, Russian and Ukrainian escort ladies in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket that you can turn to if you want things to turn out really quick. These escort ladies are usually from Europe, Russia and Ukraine and are just as exciting as their home countries. You can search them up on dating platforms or meet them in exclusive and premium hotels where they also come by to partake in the city fun, unwind and pass some time. 
The experience of using the services of escort ladies is almost equivalent to a real girlfriend or wife experience. These ladies are highly professional and quite adept at what they do. Some of them even offer girlfriend or wife experience to their clients, which is usually written on their profiles (if you look them up online). If you are meeting them one on one, then it becomes a thing of a bargain. You can bargain with them about how long you want their services and what services you need from them. 
Don’t worry about stepping on their toes; they are very gentle and probably more adventurous than you are! 

Organize an Event or a Party

We mentioned that going out to meet girls is a quick way to get a date and that using escort services is quicker. So, what’s the quickest way? The quickest way to get a date is to organize an event or a party. The best spot for this kind of event or party is in an exclusive club, where you book a VIP table and let it shine brighter than the rest. 
There are a lot of people, including women, in clubs—any club at all, and you can easily draw their attention to you and your table if your table is irresistibly shining. With this, you become presented with an avalanche of options, making you the ultimate decider. 
If you do not fully grasp what it means to book a VIP table at a club, we suggest you buy the Siamplanner Guest eBook for in-depth knowledge. Much more than that, the book is an excellent article of value for event planners or any person interested in planning events or hosting parties in Thailand. Visit their official website now to get your copy of the book. 
Do you already have your party planned and looking for the most efficient way to invite your guests? Then, consider Siam Planner e-cards, thoughtfully and carefully crafted to pique the interests of your invitees. Since they are digital invitation cards, you can use and reuse for different persons at no additional cost. These e-cards can be bought from the same official website. 
Now that you know the various ways to land a date in the shortest time possible, we hope you have a blast in Thailand!

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