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Indian and Local Thai Girl

Have you ever been to a restaurant, whether local or international? Did you notice that on each occasion, you were handed a menu presenting to you the loads of options you had? From fresh seafood, to burgers, pizza, spaghetti, noodles, and pies. The point here is you had a lot of options and the point we are trying to bring out now is you also have many options for escort ladies. 
Going back to the restaurant: when you had the menu in your hand, did you notice how it was a bit hard for you to decide what you wanted to eat? The same can be said for choosing an escort lady, and especially the kind of services you want from them. Coming to Thailand from your country, you may find yourself overwhelmed with options of ladies and adventurous activities, so much so that you lose yourself in them. In this article, we are suggesting an experience that you probably had never thought of, and that is GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE.  
Permit us to take another draw from the restaurant analogy; you can think of girlfriend experience as your best and favorite food—the food you can eat even when your appetite is at its lowest. You can eat it when it is rainy, sunny, wet, dry, and whatever. Girlfriend experience is usually the most sought-after service of escort ladies, especially beautiful and elegant Russian, European and Ukrainian ladies, and it is not hard to see why. Take a tour of online dating sites and escort directories, and you will most likely see that most ladies are down for it. It is the same offline too. 
Perhaps, one of the reasons why many men prefer the girlfriend experience to every other service is its encompassing nature. If you book the services of a lady to be your girlfriend for a certain period, what that means is that you can be intimate with her, just like your regular girlfriend. But what’s even better is that you get to only enjoy the good sides of having a girlfriend. That’s like having your favorite food without having to worry about adding more pounds. 
Talking about the encompassing nature of the girlfriend experience, you can take your “girlfriend” for all manner of rides, and she will be willing to ride with you, without complaining, or “having a headache.”

What really happens during the girlfriend experience with a European, Ukrainian or Russian escort in Pattaya, Bangkok or Phuket?

The girlfriend experience is synonymous with having a very crazy and adventurous girlfriend who is down for you and ready to do whatever you ask of her without bugging you with any issues. Now, on top of this definition, add professionalism. The professionalism part of it is the only thing that differentiates GFE from an actual girlfriend and GFE from an escort. Using our restaurant analogy for one last time, you can liken GFE to enjoying your favorite food served with your favorite drink, appetizer, dessert, and entrée. 
Booking an escort for GFE means you are booking all of her to yourself for the whole night, day, weekend, week, month, or how long you want. As your momentary girlfriend, you can expect all the girlfriend experiences for the time being, such as following you anywhere you want her to. She can help you cook, do groceries, and all other girlfriend stuff. If you wish, you can make her your tour guide provided she has the experience needed. You can take her on dates too.

On your terms

The girlfriend experience takes the shape and form of what you can picture in your head. It goes as far as you can see and as wild as you can imagine. Whatever you want from her is exactly what you will get, and it doesn’t require further negotiations. It is always like this, every minute of the day. Yea, your girlfriend won’t be a dummy or doll that doesn’t have a mind of her own; neither will she do the things you ask of her simply because it is her job. No. These ladies actually make the experience pleasant and enjoyable. Apart from professionalism, it is safe to say that they are passionate too. 

Paid for, but still real

You paying for the services of Russian, Ukrainian and European ladies does not by any means translate to insincerity from the escorts. Generally speaking, these escorts are naturally and effortlessly affectionate, personable, and sincerely interested in your happiness and welfare. While it may be enticing to fixate on a lover’s physical traits, the emotional bond and affection are equally significant.

A typical escort in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket is sincerely interested in discovering as much about you as you’re willing to tell her. She seeks companionship and eagerly anticipates the flirtation, intimacy, and other aspects of the experience. Don’t forget that some of these girls are in the escort game to find true love and real relationships. So, you may be lucky enough to meet one.

Uncensored intimacy with your part time Russian "escort" girlfriend in Thailand

Your part-time girlfriend will surely treat you like a diamond, making sure that you are highly satisfied. Bring all your imagination about intimacy to the table and trash it with her. Do you like going in through the back? Or do you want a massage with a very slippery happy ending? Or do you want your whistle thoroughly blown? You will get the opportunity to bring to reality all your naughty fantasies. 
Other than those nagging times and teary moments of fresh breakups, having a girlfriend is a pleasant thing, and we recommend it to every straight guy out there. But if you want a girlfriend experience without the baggage, that also is still possible. All you need is a professional escort lady in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket. The best way to get these ladies is by attracting them to your side. And you can attract them in big clubs and bars, especially if you book a VIP table and let it win the cynosure of attention. Another way to get them is by organizing a party and dedicating it to yourself. 
Do you need help
achieving any of these, then call on Siam Planner to be your helping hand, whether you want their full or customized service. Before you go, you can check out the SiamPlanner Guest eBook. It is a book written to guide you through your stay in Thailand, especially if you plan on organizing a party of any kind. Visit their official website now to grab your copy. 

Welcome To The Professional Call-Girl Or Escort Service Site In Bangkok, Pattaya, And Sometimes In Phuket

Here we help you choose and book the right escort "Russian, European, Local, or Indian Call Girls" in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket

As we are a western escort agency in ThailandWe usually only deal with white call girls; The reason being that it's almost impossible to find other nationalities such as Indian girls as an escort in Thailand!

Please go through our elite escort profiles, choose the body and style of escort you like the most, then get in touch with our WhatsApp online escort agency manager to help you with the latest available profiles, rates "may vary depending on different girls", and more details on how to book. 

*For example, An escort services provided to single men will be charged a normal rate, yet DUO, A-level, Lesbian sex, couple services or such would cost accordingly. contact us for more details, please.


As we are not looking for one time customer, we guarantee that you will become our regular client once booked


High-End call girls are rarely into hardcore or such unusual sex services, So, we offer only a natural GFE "girlfriend experience" in your hotel room, which is more enjoyable and you will get nice girls that way! contact us for more details.


So, If you have been searching for a sexy and hot companion in and around the city, while on holiday or business trip, Our agency is here to help you.


Allow us to invite you to explore our out-call call girl website in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket. We are fully confident that you will enjoy the time you spend with the escorts who are in collaboration with us.

Profiles of Indian

Meela: Friendly Russian Escort

Meela is a very fair and white blondie from Russia. she’s got a perfect shape to make you run crazy. She’s a perfect escort for dates with your rich friends because of her classy looks. She effortlessly rocks every dress she wears. She’s very crazy and naughty when it comes to the matters of the bed too.


In search of a uniquely beautiful European brunette? Look no further sir. Journee is here at your service. Be her boss while she be your secretary, P.A., maid, girlfriend or anything you want her to be. Simply put, Journee is a professional roleplayer that’s ready to play any role you want.

Anna is the one and only Russian escort you dream of

She is available both in Bangkok and Pattaya

Lina The Hot Escort in Pattaya

If you want a hot Russian escort, go for Lina


The beauty in Ella's eyes is mesmerizing; she is arguably the most beautiful Ukrainian call girl you will ever meet. Perfect height, well-structured face and figure, moderate ass, pecky boobs, sweet voice. Additionally, she's naughtier than she looks.


This is a plus-sized, thick and chubby mature Russian call girl at your service. Needless it is to say she's blessed with big boobs and big ass. In fact, you can sleep with or sleep on her. She's fun to be with and ready to try new things with her clients.


She's a good rider as well as a good girlfriend for the night. Helen is a very romantic escort who knows how to act exactly like your girlfriend. So, why don't you retire to your bed with this European goddess? Boobs, ass, smooth skin? She's got all you want.


This is a super beautiful Russian call girl available in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. She's tall, very white, all sexy with a nice shape. Her boobs are round and firm. Her ass is big and soft. And she can twerk to cap it all. Go on and have fun with her.


Naomi is a chubby pretty foreign princess. Come on with your long rod and punish her from behind. Naomi loves to get down naughtily and nastily. If you are man enough to make her beg for your mercy, good luck with her. She’s available in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.


Meet a legendary masseuse! All hail the queen of massaging. She’s a Ukrainian expert to give you the enjoyment of your life. Have you ever imagined what it is like to be free of problems? That’s exactly how you will feel being with this busty professional masseuse.


Skylar loves to sing and dance, loves to party all night and you can melt her heart away with soft light kisses on her forehead. She’s a perfect girlfriend material to role with while you are in town. She’s a super attractive European escort with the reputation of romance.


She’s got the classy look, soft lips and smooth body skin and lovely eyes. If you are in Bangkok at the moment and all you want is a girlfriend experience, Paisley has got all the girlfriend feat to create that illusion. She’s a Russian escort girl for you.


Nova is no difference from the girl from Fifty Shades of Grey. She’s submissive and always ready to please you without hesitating or questioning you. You can run your fingers through her undies in the party. Naughty as she is, she can suck you in the party toilet. Quickie!


Bella is a gentle European escort that’s available for all kind of services nationwide and ready to travel. Her hobbies include trying new adventures, traveling and satisfying her customers. While Bella might look gentle outside, she’s like a wild dog in the bedroom. Please, don’t be deceived.


Addison is a not-so-tall petite from Russia. Everything about her is perfectly petite apart from the fact that she can conveniently deep in your meat in her throat, and take it in her kitty without stress, regardless of how big your boy is. Please, don’t you dare underrate her.

Sophia, a Moscow Sweet Call Girl

If you have the plan to invest some quality time with the foreign call girls to satisfy your craving. Sophia, a Moscow sweet girl, as of now working in Bangkok or Pattaya as a call girl with the main escort company, and when I am free, I offer overnight service to people, living here, or visiting these excellent cities. I focused on offering you the best escort service as a trade-off for your cash and time.

Kim The Russian Sharp Escort in Pattaya

I comprehend that you would consistently very much want to spend some quality time with a pretty and attractive lady, who might be hot on the bed. If that you are not fulfilled by meeting the normal girls, most likely you need to book a meeting with a Russian call girl in Bangkok, which will doubtlessly create your 100% fulfillment. A hot, captivating, and rich sharp girl, Caroline, and I am there to give you some charming GFE service in Pattaya or Bangkok.

Stella is a Lively Escort in Pattaya

First thing to notice is Stella’s behind and hips. She’s got those in abundance and she’s fairly blessed with some nice round titties for your grasping pleasure. On top of her beauty, she’s a very fun and lively call girl to be deal with. She’s a perfect girl.

Abena is a Young Russian Escort in Pattaya

This is a young-looking foreign goddess from Europe. Her childish and innocent look elects her as the best “high school girl” role player. In a jumpy skirt and cleavage baring top, you would find it extremely difficult to tell how old she might be. Bang a university girl!

Lada From Moscow- Out-Call In Pattaya and Bangkok

Perhaps I am not great and not ideal but rather trust me if you discover the radiance in my eyes, I think we both will ready to make everything awesome. I'm Lada from Moscow and I am an out-call Russian lady in Pattaya and Bangkok who needs to live in your heart. I'm an understudy and examining English writing and trust me you will discover more beautiful things with me. I'm very garrulous to converse with regulars on any theme. From film to sports, I am alright with everything.

Everly is Anal Escort From Russia and in Bangkok or Pattaya Now

Admittedly crowned as the queen of A-level, she is unbeaten when it comes to giving her clients maximum pleasure while they bang from behind. You wouldn’t be able to restrict yourself from fondling her jiggling boobs. She’s a badass Russian call girl available nationwide and ready to travel.

Let Lisa Be Your Fantasy Escort in Bangkok and in Pattaya

I'm Lisa and I am a hot and provocative Russian escort lady in Pattaya. My fantasy is to be with a man who will take me shopping, who will endure every one of my fits and requests and will regard me as a first-class call girl. I'm 26 years of age and my experience to satisfy you is past the age. My devilish and hot moves at your room will make you frantic for me.


If your fetish is to see a girl getting undressed while you are in your office attires, relaxing on the bed, Willow is here to give you that teasing and sensational pleasure to your satisfaction. Every asset behind Willow’s clothes are worth peeping at. Grab her now.

Ella- DUO Russian Escort in Bangkok or Pattaya

I'm a painter and yes I can paint my escort service with the shade of my adoration. I'm Ella and I am from Moscow. I'm an understudy of Art college and I love to picture various individuals and I love to mirror their internal world with my drawing. My craving is to be with innovative individuals. I figure two imaginative individuals can book me for DUO, on the bed, or likewise for a trip to Pattaya or Bangkok.

Rocking Russian Escort in Bangkok- Esther

Currently, we are still in search of who can contend with Esther when it comes to rocking short gowns and miniskirts. When Esther, the beautiful, straight, slim and busty Russian escort lady rocks her gowns, you will definitely look in love and lust. Premium banging body she got!

Hunt For Elena The Hot Blonde Escort in Bangkok and Pattaya

Greetings, I am Elena and I have long dull earthy colored hair and enormous earthy colored eyes. I'm 20 years of age and moved to Thailand from Russia the only couple of months back. I will be in the city of Bangkok for a few months,or even Pattaya if you book in advance. If you are on the hunt for a Russian escort in Thailand, who is cordial and bright, you can hit me up. Our companionship may begin from a little excursion however with me you will get a wonderful night at your place too.

Doroteya, Your GFE Companion in Bangkok or Pattaya

I'm Doroteya, your GFE companion in Bangkok and I came from Russia. My solitary dream is to see each edge of the world. I have first visited Pattaya to enjoy the beauty of city and its appeal and trust me I just become hopelessly enamored and now I am here to start up your life. I don't care to date the less exhausting folks, however, my inclination is the youthful, enthusiastic, polite boys.

Kim The Mix Russian European Escort in Pattaya and Bangkok

There are numerous men, who visit frequently the city of Bangkok for their business purposes or just to travel. Yet, for what reason should you travel alone in this occurrence place, whenever you have great freedom to discover your alluring Russian escort/call girl. I'm from Moscow however working as an escort in Bangkok and Pattaya for quite a while now. Fundamentally, my mom is from England and my father is from Moscow. All things considered, English is my primary language. In case that you are in search of a garrulous foreigner escort in Thailand, who can impart a decent open meeting to you, I am prepared consistently.

Theodora is a Tanned Russian Escort in Pattaya and Bangkok

She’s a Russian girl with the evenly tanned skin, black hair, straight legs, busty and curvy yet slim figure. If you are not ready to cuddle and smooch while chatting all night, then Theodora is not your type of girl as she loves to give and take romance.

Boniface The Bedroom Escort In Bangkok

Ever dreamt of learning Math in the bedroom with your smoking hot Math’s teacher? Boniface is here to teach you. She has learnt from her other Russian goddesses and all you have to do is to be her good student in the bedroom. Make sure you do your bedwork.

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