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How to Treat Your Escort

Guide to Hire European or Russian  Escort in Bangkok

How to Treat Your Escort


When it comes to hiring an escort, a lot of people aren’t quite sure what to expect. Sure, they have their expectations about how their date might go, but it can still be a little confusing. This is particularly true if it’s your first time with an escort- without any experience of how these things go, it’s easy to feel intimidated, or accidentally do something which offends your date. To help ensure that your escort experience runs as smoothly as possible, we’ve put together the following list of “escort etiquette.” Just follow our advice, and you’re sure to have an unforgettable night.


Be on Your Best Behavior

If you’re not polite to your escort, or if you’re flat-out rude to her, then she just won’t want to spend any time with you. Not only will you have wasted your money on this date, but you’ll also be ending the possibility of any more in the future. Rather than putting your escort off, it’s better to stay on your best behavior until you know her a little better. All women love a gentleman, so show her plenty of respect. For instance, if the two of you are going out to dinner, then make a point of holding her chair out for her to sit on, and asking her what she would like to eat and drink. Never turn up to a date drunk, as this will likely really put your escort off. Ask her beforehand if she has any rules she would like you to follow- and stick to them!


If You Want Anything Physical- Ask In Advance!

For most people, and escort means one thing- sex. While some escorts are happy to be physical with their clients, others stay away from that area altogether. For that reason, if you’re looking for something material, make sure you ask in advance so that there isn’t any awkwardness. If she is up for it, then don’t just rush straight into it when you first arrive. Instead, talk to your escort for a while, and find out more about who she is as a person. If you both relax and enjoy yourselves, then the night will flow a lot more smoothly.


Turn Up Clean and Fresh

Nothing is a more significant turnoff to a woman than a man who doesn’t care about his appearance. If you arrive looking like a slob, then your escort likely won’t want anything to do with you. Likewise, make sure that you’ve washed carefully before your date, and put on some nice aftershave so that you smell the part, too. This is especially important if you’re planning on anything physical with your escort. You need to be clean, or that night of passion that you’d anticipated will quickly turn into one of disappointment.


Respect Her Rules- She’s the Boss!

Just because you’re the one paying an escort, doesn’t mean you can boss her around. Remember, many escorts are classy women who value their time- and so should you. That means not pushing her boundaries any further than she is comfortable with. Before your date, your escort will probably give you a list of rules that she expects you to follow. This isn’t just her playing games- instead, these rules are what she hopes out of an evening. If you break them, then you’ll only end up ruining the atmosphere, and your escort may not want to see you again. On the other hand, if you follow them to a tee and ensure your escort always feels 100% comfortable, then you’re in for the perfect night together.

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