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Tips And Tricks And Best Way Of Approaching Foreign (European, Ukrainian, and Russian) Escorts (Ladies) in Thailand (Pattaya, Bangkok, and Phuket)!

The Drive for Interracial Interaction – Take Advantage of Your Foreign Status

Have you ever sat down to think or imagine yourself dating or getting intimate with a foreign person before? If you have, congrats! We just want to inform you that you are among the seven billion other people who once did that.

Perhaps, it is in human nature to simply seek what is significantly out of their reach, or maybe, the drive for interracial interaction is too strong seeing that the trend has lingered all the way back from history. As a matter of fact, there has never been a time in history where interracial marriages and relationships have been more common than it is today.

Welcoming and Open Arms for Your Desire

Many people think it, but not so many will actually do it. So, you thinking about it, taking a step towards it, and actually wanting to do it is a huge flex, and we want to help you realize that. We want to make your trip to Thailand for international fun worthwhile for you. While many women are waiting to test out some foreign men, it is not to say that they are all readily waiting for your arrival at the airport. As a man, you still have to approach them, ask them out, deal with the “I have a boyfriend” response, etc. Apparently, it rains everywhere!

But there is a Trick Around It

If you are in Thailand, say Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya, which happen to be the mega cities of the country, you have a high chance of running into beautiful foreign girls that can easily take your breath away. But instead of waiting for your breath to be taken away, why not be the guy with the radiating beauty that can easily take the breath of Russian, Ukrainian and European (escorts) girls away? There’s the trick. The trick is to reverse the role and circumstances.

How is This Possible?

Everyone knows the beauty of a woman is in her looks. But the beauty of a man is in his pockets, and how much he can afford to spend without shaking and batting an eye. So, if you’ve got the money, why not appear so? This is by no way a means to flaunt your wealth. It is just a means to do things that match your class and status everywhere you go so that girls, both local and international are naturally drawn to you.

Nothing rocks the boat of women (and even men) like men who have class, and are not afraid to showcase it. We all want to be around people with influence, character and charisma. The goal is to make you that person that people are naturally attracted to, that person who people just want to please.

Don’t Dent Your Class by Yourself

Often times, men easily turn to dating websites, apps and agencies to source for their dream girls only to be faced with the biggest disappointment of their lives. As a man of valor, character, aura and charisma, none of these should ever be an option for you. It’s a dent on your class to “chase” women when you can reverse the role and become the man to die for. We cannot overemphasize how diminishing it is to get a girl from any of these platforms, just as much as we cannot explain how unreasonable it is.

The moment you consider any of these an option for you, you have greatly reduced your class and value. No matter how rich, reached, influential and classy you are, no woman you meet via a dating platform or a Ukrainian, European and Russian escort website or app will take you any more seriously than just another client she has to render her services to solely for the money involved.

Let Class Speak for You

Free your mind; change the narratives; project your class, and let it speak for you! Imagine turning up at a club party and all eyes are on you! Imagine being the most sought after in a gathering of mighty and influential men. What about sitting at the forefront of an event, with the most decorated table, and most expensive basket of Rose?


Surely, you don’t need more than these to expand your horizon with quality foreign girls from Russia, Ukraine and the whole of Europe in Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket.

Siam Planner Will Set You Up for Quality Night-Out and a VIP Table which makes you shine!

Siam Planner is a promising event planning company in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya ready to organize the best parties for party lovers. One of their major aims is to organize parties of different sizes and magnitudes, and they take pride in setting people up for dates and relationships.

Siam Planner is quite experienced in the matters of arranging events and setting the atmosphere right for the kind of romanticism that is needed to spark a love language in two individuals. Perhaps, the easiest thing for them to do is even preparing and readying a man for special occasions so that women are easily drawn to them, even without trying.

From contracting with renounced barbers to give you an outstanding haircut, arranging world-class manicure and pedicure, shopping for the best outfits for you, to even hiring a date coach and cruising you to the event spot via the classiest and most expensive means of transportation, Siam Planner surely goes all in to ensure that your class speaks for you.

They even go to the length of assigning bodyguards to you who can double as your buddies if you want them to be, or triple as your errand boys, depending on the circumstances. The goal of Siam Planner in the event that you contact them is to make you appear classy, charismatic, influential and stoic, so that foreign women naturally want to be with you. And with that, you achieve your aim of interacting, mingling and possibly dating international women without you stressing yourself. CLICK HERE!

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